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The new way to build, high tech composites made from recycled materials and structured earth berming systems are in a class of their own in the modern housing and building industry. Materials that will last for centuries with no sign of decay and Architecture that responds to the environment perfectly are creating a new paradigm shift in construction techniques.


We sell the manufactured panels together with all the materials used to fasten the panels together and to the foundation. The panels may be installed by the owner following our detailed instructions or we can assist with installation. We offer 10 years structural warranty for houses installed by our technicians. The other services like the foundation, utilities, outside earth construction or the inside finishing may be provided by local construction companies. Depending on the location of the project we might be able to offer turn-key houses using our highly specialized technicians.  A local Project Manager to coordinate design, code compliance, proper municipality permitting and construction is highly recommended.


  • You start off with a pre-designed concrete floor slab, or you can build over a standard basement to our design. First, you unpack the numbered and labeled modules and lay them out around the site so that you can visualize the instruction and floor plans.

  • You begin by bolting and gluing together specific sets of modules according to the instruction package, and then position and bolt and glue them together as well as to the floor slab.

  • Doors and windows should be installed at this point, and then electrical and wiring ducts are glued onto the modules. 

  • All seams are covered with the specified sealant tapes, and the shell is now ready to begin landscaping work. At this point, the structure is already weatherproof and provides shelter while the rest of the work is being done.

  • The inner shell is lightly sanded and seams are smoothed out, and then the house can be painted inside with normal house paint. Inside finishing work such as kitchen and bathroom installations, divisions, flooring, are the same as in any house.

  • Landscaping and earthworks can be completed while the home is already being used and even lived in. Depending on the specific terrain and environment, different landscaping techniques are used, all of which are detailed in our construction manuals.

  • Assembly of any design can be carried out by 3 or 4 people in just a few days, and the system itself can be bolted and sealed together by a reasonably handy Do-it-yourselfer, or of course by any general contractor.

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