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Eco-Green Village




Low Maintenance and Operation Cost. 

Water & Energy Efficiency.

Material Efficiency.

Reduces Strain for Local Resources.

Enhances Indoor Environment Quality.

Eco-Houses & Renewable Energies.

Kindergarten & Community Spaces.

Mini Market & Local Market.

Electric Transport Service.


“A unique opportunity, economic,

and environmentally friendly.”




Community Spaces


Renewable Energy


Clean Environment

Why should you be the voice for a green

community and GreenTabao Ecovillage?


Residents can benefit from the energy-efficient methods to save money on their utility bills, specifically electric and gas. Can include using solar panels to power homes to avoid burning fossil fuels.

In your own home, choose energy-efficient machines, and consider investing in solar panels. The initial investment may be slightly higher, but your family will save money annually in energy costs. Combine this tactic with insulation made from sustainable or recyclable materials, and your energy consumption and expenditures may lower even more. As more homes save energy, it reduces the carbon footprint of the whole community.

Green communities rely on biodegradable and recyclable materials for buildings, playgrounds, and insulation. They incorporate compost for fertilizer and community gardens to feed residents. The community benefits from an oxygen-rich atmosphere and pesticide-free food by planting trees, vegetables, and flowers. Children can learn gardening skills and the importance of contributing scraps into a communal compost heap.

Get further involved in your community by volunteering to create and maintain a community garden and compost heap. The scraps will benefit the garden as fertilizer, and your family won’t have to worry about chemicals in the produce.


Eco-housing Development

Vanuatu’s market for new-build housing is under severe pressure: material and labor are becoming more and more expensive, the need for housing is high, and so is the Vanuatu government’s ambition.

GreenTabao Village Project would enable Vanuatu people to become homeowners by creating an Eco green Village. Residents own their own eco-homes and benefit equally from services such as waste disposal, school transportation, sports field, pre-school, covered market, convenience stores, road lighting, etc. All common areas and projects are voted on and shared financially by the entire community on an equitable basis.


The Benefits of Greentabao Village


GreenTabao Village
use natural resources

Respect for nature includes using renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind power, biogas They also build with ecological materials like mud, wood, and straw.



Commitment to these ideals encourages dialogue and participation in communities that resolve disputes through discussion and whose members are more likely to take part in decision making.



GreenTabao Village chooses regenerative technologies & activities, such as bioclimatic architecture and organic agriculture, and does not use machinery or chemical pesticides.


GreenTabao regenerate the environment

Ecological communities do not damage the environment, and they regenerate the ecosystems where they live (recycling, reforestation, restoration of habitats, etc.).

The Affordable Passive House

The structure, compiled of insulating blocks and wooden panels, delivers affordable thermal insulation, as you’d never believe. Determined to develop solutions, VIVO et GoGreen House has patented a unique approach to passive construction that provides outstanding thermal insulation at an affordable cost. No special tools are required; the house is assembling using lightweight and recyclable materials for quick installation. The materials used are inexpensive, so the cost remains unbeatable with a perfect thermal envelope.

A concept that aims to challenge the passive house.

GreenRentabao Village and GO Green House offer a solution with a modular construction concept.

100% home happiness at a 50% discount is the mission.

The system offers compact modules that contain the main functions. It can be installed with great variety in floor plans and facade finishes. The method is more comfortable, faster, cheaper, and high quality.


Waste management
& Clean Environment

of well-being & health 

Sustainable living
& Healthy Community

Optimal management
of energy resources

Optimal management
of water and agriculture

Cultural, Economic
& Social Development

Bungalow Vivo One

Studio/Bungalow 18 to 27 sqm - 1 Bedroom & 1 fully equipped bathroom. 1 Double Sliding Door - 3 windows


  • 6x3 meters - 18 sqm

  • 7x3 meters - 21 sqm

  • 9x3 meters - 27 sqm


Optional - Wood cladding panels - Kitchenette - Front deck-Veranda -Renewable energy. (see Tabao and Vivo villa options)

Perfect for one or two people!


Villa Tabao

54 sqm+21 m2 closed Garage - EcoVilla - 2 bedrooms - 1 or 2 bathroom-open kitchen -Veranda-aluminium sliding doors x3 - aluminium windows x3, Vinyl flooring, Wood cladding walls (optional).


  • Carport x1 car (6 x 3 mtrs) storage,laundry..

  • PV solar panels ,5 Kwh (or less) /Off-grid or On-grid 

  • Rainwater harvesting tanks 3 x 1.500 liters.

  • Biogas septic tank (option)

  • Biogas box - biogas digester tanks for gas stove burner.(4 m3)

  • Electric system(led)

  • Plumbing

  • Furniture(kitchen sink)

  • kitchen appliances (12v for PV solar panels use)

  • All requests are welcome.

Villa Vivo

A 111 sqm Eco villa - 2/3 bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms- 1 Storeroom, laundry or simple bedroom - open kitchen -Veranda-aluminium sliding doors x2 -aluminium windows x3, Vinyl flooring, Wood cladding walls (optional)

1 x Private bungalow (18 sqm), 1 Bedroom,1 fully equipped bathroom, optional kitchenette.


  • Carport x1 car (6 x 3 meters) storage, laundry.

  • PV solar panels, 5 Kwh (or less) /Off-grid or On-grid 

  • PV Water pumping system - 1 to 3Hp (option)

  • Rainwater harvesting tanks 3 x 1.500 liters.

  • Electric system(led)

  • Plumbing

  • Biogas septic tank

  • Biogas box - biogas digester tanks for gas stove burner. (4 m3)

  • Furniture (kitchen sink)

  • kitchen appliances (12v for PV solar panels use)

  • All requests are welcome.


​​​​Sustainable & Renewable Free Energy

Greentabao eco house is delivered with several options to choose from ;


“Become a GreenTabao resident and enjoy the benefits of a green village and community.”


Kindergarten - 54 sqm

Managed by a Greentabao community member or left in concession to a third party. Capacity for 30 to 50 children from 1 to 3 years old.

A classroom for preschool children. The supervisors or animators can be community members or be entrusted to a third party and paid by the community members' parents.

Soccer field - 20 x 40 meters - 800 sqm

It can be a sports field or meeting place for Sunday (Activities; Festivities). Lighting with an independent solar street light.

2000 w x 12 units.


GreenTabao Mini-Market

Managed by Greentabao’s community members and open for the public.

Greentabao Sunday Market.

A greenmarket will be added (phase 4) at which farmers and other vendors sell produce directly to GreenTabao consumers and will be open to the public.


Green Electric bus Station
and 25 seats Electric Bus.

A 9 sqm bus station with PV solar panels and batteries rack storage.

GreenTabao members can use the electric vehicle(s) for short trips - to the central city or schools.

The electric transport vehicle(s) is (are) entrusted to a community member or given in concession to a third party.

 Electric vehicles management is entrusted to one of the community members.


25 seats Electric Bus - 150 km range electric bus - 100 kmh speed - Fully charged in 4 hours

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